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16 West 21st Street

16 West 21 Street Curtains installed by Horizon Window Treatments.

It is always fantastic to get new opportunities, especially when they turn out as well as this one did. In February of 2010, we were asked to quote to furnish curtains for the models of 16 West 21st Street. It was only a construction site, with no name or identity what so ever at the time. Without a deadline and with a two-year stall on the project, there was no rush. Things changed when high profile designer Zac Posner was called to furnish the models and put his stamp on this building. That is when things got interesting for us, too.

The project got a big boost. The top 9th and 10 floors were designated to be the models. As a result, these floors would receive the best treatment from the floors to the walls.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, the design called for curtains on all the walls. The designer, who is originally a fashion designer, wanted to achieve a look of a woman’s skirt – red on the outside and shiny lining on the inside- installed over the bed. We opted to use a flexible track installed in a half circle to create this look and the same pink sheer curtains on the windows.

16 West 21st Street with wall paper before curtains were installed
Sheer Curtain with curved track above bed

Guest Room with wall paper before curtains were installed



In the kitchen, the design called for a wall-to-wall valance that was to be arched over the windows symmetrically – only the kitchen was to be installed at the far right side and this prevented the continuation of the valance. The result was that the last arch is smaller than the first two. In this room, the curtains were to be installed floor to ceiling – outside the window frame and underneath the valance.

Kichen curtains and valance are ready

Kitchen is ready just before the party

Living Room

In the downstairs living room, the designer wished to install the curtains inside the window casement. The poles are installed inside the window frame since there is molding above the window that prevented any hardware being mounted there. The initial design of swags over the curtains was tossed and instead a purple knot at the top was in place. The 2-inch silver poles with matching rings help extenuate the appeal of the windows.

Living Room before curtains were installed


We tried with swags but then decided on something else
The End Result

Guest Bedroom

The Guest bedroom design called for the same idea as the master bedroom only with purple velvet and grey sheers. The sheers are much shorter than the drapes. In the before image one can see the two levels. At the bottom underneath the window, there is a heating radiator. Though we were unsure how it would play into the design due to the fact it was not there at the planning stage, we took steps to work around it. At the end, it was installed vertically and did not obstruct the curtains much.

Guest Room before curtains


Velvet curtains and grey sheers

After spending a lot of time on this rewarding project, we were thrilled with the final design. It received numerous compliments opening night.

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