Decide On Window Treatments Before You Build Your New Home


Why wait until the last minute to decide on the perfect window treatment for your new home?

By deciding on a treatment before construction, you can focus on designing an interior for your rooms with furniture and accessories that compliment your window treatment instead of making you adjust your preference of treatment after the fact.

By measuring the windows before the house closes, you can have your windows ready and covered by the time you move in.

According to TBS Gallery, new homeowners have several choices to choose from, including “sheer curtains, layered draperies, blinds, shades and shutters.” As such, “The choice that one makes amongst these is largely dependent on the theme that one chooses for the home as a whole.”

So let Horizon help you decide on the perfect window treatment for your new home. Call us today at (212)-759-4111 or email us with any and all of your window treatment questions.

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