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Lulu DK for Kids

looking for fabrics for a baby room or a young kid you might think that it has to have patterns of Monkeys or Turtles. But actually
toys and stuffed animals in the room can help add to the theme while curtains or shades can use fabrics with a more subtle patterns although bright colors are a must in my opinion.

Lollipop 66240  Punch / Turquoise Curtains with
Twix Tape Pink Lemonade / Punch Trim
(Available from

Take a look at what Lulu deKwiatkowski founder of LULU DK came up with when asked to create a line of kids fabrics for Schumacher

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Earth Day Means Taking Care of the World

Earth Day is around the corner and as such, now is the perfect time for asking what we can do, as a company, to make this world a better place. Our customers often ask what options they can select from that offer beautiful décor but also can help to keep the environment safe. Even if you do not spend a lot of time on your own go green campaign, do consider your investment in window treatments as an opportunity to give something back.

Earth Day
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What Type of Fabric Is Best?

When you are selecting window treatments for your home or business, be sure to consider numerous options and materials. Curtains, for example, may be made of natural fabrics, manmade fabrics or recycled fabrics. Which one is the best option for those who want the best possible, environmentally friendly solution?

Eco-Fabrics from
  • If you want to choose between manmade and recycled products, the creation of both requires the same amount of supplies. However, the recycled products are better because they require fewer resources and therefore are a better option between the two.
  • Natural fabrics are a great option because they use materials easy for the environment to replenish. Cotton and silks do cost more but they often offer the best environmentally safe option.

    Natural Eco-Fabrics from
  • Keep in mind that the average person will move every five years. If you invest in quality drapery and window treatments now, you may be able to take them with you. That would be the best option for protecting the environment in total – not having to buy new ones at all.

    Eco Fabric Drapes & Cushions Image courtesy of
  • Materials that are Earth Day friendly come in a wide range of organic and natural fibers. Check out the options on to see just how amazing your selection can be.
  • Another way to look at the cost to the environment of your window treatments is the actual maintenance of them. For example, if you purchase products with manmade polyester in them, the material holds its shape better than cottons, which require more cleaning and ironing.

Top Fabric Choices

Our top fabric choices for you for Earth Day include the following:

  • Cotton remains one of the best – it’s easy to mold into virtually any look, though requires maintenance.
  • Hemp is beautiful and customizable into various types of drapery.
  • Bamboo fabrics are also beautiful and are replenished quickly in the environment.
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These green fabrics, as they are often called, may be just what you need for your Earth Day celebration. It really is a personal decision but the bottom line is – you can choose environmentally friendly materials and still have fabulous looking window treatments.