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The College Dorm Room -Trendy and Chic Means Perfect for Study and Style

The college dorm room is often drab and boring. Lacking color, it is often nothing at all about style or trendy chic looks. Yet, if you want to be successful in that space, it makes sense to invest in the right type of décor. Consider the style that is you. Then, create a space that is exactly that. Whether you are after bright colors or fun prints, the goal is to make this space more like your tastes. That way, you will fit right in and studying will not seem nearly as boring as it used to.

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Must Haves in Your Stylish Space

What is in your dorm room this year? Are you going with frills and fuss or simple and contemporary? Every element of this space should speak to your style. Here are some must have ideas to get you started.

  • Fabrics do matter, which is why your comforter or duvet cover needs to be fabulous. It will set the entire tone for the space. Select a vibrant color or pattern to give your space a burst of style.
  • Fabulous fabrics continue on the drapery for your windows. Privacy is often an issue, but you can get plenty of style from blackout shades (for all of those who plan to spend mornings sleeping in after late nights out). Or, check out those fabrics that add a second pop of color to the space.

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  • A fantastic rug is necessary. When you wake up in the morning, you want your feet to instantly be comforted by a stylish and trendy rug under them. Shag is still in but you may want to pick up on the colors in the comforter or drapes by selecting something too cute to avoid.


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Set the tone for the space with fabrics and then accessorize with the right details. For example, use the color in the comforter to add a few fun, matching pillows. Add in a bit of girly charm with some ruffles. On the other hand, check out the options in more down to earth options, such as neutral tones accented by the colors on your windows. Find your style and make it happen.


Patriotic Themed Decor for Labor Day?

If you are hosting an event this Labor Day, it’s time to pull out the stars and stripes and get to planning a fantastic event. The décor itself needs to sing the tune of the celebration. Labor Day is a day meant to thank those who work hard the rest of the year. This year, make it special by actually decorating the space in a patriotic, fun-loving theme.

Outdoor Options

Sometimes, the outdoors is where the party is happening because of the common BBQ theme. However, you can make this special with a few decorative pieces.

  • Select a fabric in the red, white, and blue tone for your tablecloths.
  • Invest in a flag-themed drape hanging from the doorway that people will enter and exit. This will keep the insects out while offering a stylish piece of décor.
  • Layer the colors instead of just focusing on items that are striped. For example, your plates may be white while your tablecloth is blue and the napkins red.


duralee-21014-442Duralee pattern 21014-442


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What About Indoors?

For the indoor celebration, take down those curtains and put up something that is more patriotic themed, perhaps some soft pastel colors of blue and red. Let a white sheer drape hang in the center. Be sure to have plenty of small things that make a big difference:



  • Sand pails in red filled with some sand and a blue candle can make a nice centerpiece.
  • Add a few flowers in the right colors to each table setting.
  • Set up the space with a white theme then add pops of blue and red in the décor.


It is easy to get patriotic and fun with this theme. To make it count, though, you will need to think about the total layout and design. Do not just focus on the area where you will be eating. Rather, add a new shower curtain in an appropriate themed design or throw a blanket or a piece of cloth with the color scheme onto the couch for flare and even more style.

Have fun with this theme. Labor Day is a time to celebrate a day off work. Put a bit of time into this design and it will pay off.

Creating Study Space for Homework

As the school year fast approaches, it is important for parents to step back and think about the success of their children. One way to encourage good grades and getting homework done is to create an appropriate space for homework. A study space or homework nook does not have to be large, but it should be inviting enough to encourage kids to sit down and relax while studying.

How to Create the Ideal Space

What goes into a homework study space? First, focus on the desk. It should provide ample room for more than one book. It should be clean and clear of anything that will distract the child such as toys or pictures. This is not the place for a laptop either. Place that in a central area in the home so that parents can monitor what the child is doing in the space.

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The following tips can help you to create the ideal space for your kids. Remember, the entire space should encourage great studying habits.

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  • Make it theirs and only theirs. In other words, make this space just for your child to just do homework. Allow them to have some say in the organization of it, too. If you cannot devote a lot of space to it, use some drapery to create a hidden area of their room. With a running track along the corner of the room, this can ensure there’s plenty of privacy present.
  • Relax the feel of it by ensuring it is comfortable. Make sure the seat to their chair is comfortable and the desk is at the right height.
  • Encourage light. One way to do this is to use natural light coming in the room through the windows. Natural light is easier on the eyes while reading from a textbook. To do this, use blinds or shear drapes that encourage light to pass through them rather than darkening shades. Open up those drapes to let more light in.
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To make this space enjoyable, be sure to encourage your children to set it up and to maintain it. Keep it clean and organized. If it is the only place homework is done, there’s no risk that papers will go missing or books will be forgotten either.


Somfy Introduces 400 Series Motors Sonesse 40 and Altus 40

Conveniently Quiet – Sonesse 40 (RTS & Wired) ® The Sonesse 40 Range with patent pending technology features a newly designed brake, rotor and gearbox to further reduce motor operating sound. Available in both RTS and wired versions, the Sonesse 40 can be used in a variety of interior window covering applications.   Power, Simplicity, and Convenience – Altus 40 (RTS) ® The Altus 40 RTS features an integrated radio receiver within the motor which eliminates any wiring between the motor and controls. Available in two torques 4Nm and 9Nm, the Altus 40 RTS is ideal for exterior product applications. 400 Series motors help Somfy compete with other brands quiet motors. Another feature of the 400 series is its size. It would fit an 1 1/2″ tube allowing the shade to be fit in smaller window ceil and tighter pockets. And with only 20″ in length it is ideal for corner windows.

Window Treatments Appropriate for the Office – Clients and Employees in Mind

Walk into any large Manhattan office building and the one thing that strikes you is the windows. Large, expansive, and amazing with beautiful views of the city, the last thing you want to do is to cover them up with layers of drapery and lots of fabric. Rather, you want your clients to be impressed with that view and you want your employees to know the prestige of your business. How can you manage office window treatments with both employees and clients in mind?

Electric Roman Shades - Courtesy of Horizon Window Treatments

Start with the Shade

Solar Screen Shades - Courtesy of Horizon Window Treatments

There are instances in which privacy is paramount. From the open design windows to the panel dividers separating cubicles, there is no doubt you need a great looking design that is going to provide some level of privacy when needed. Shades are ideal. They offer just enough flexibility easily to allow light to shine in without allowing curious onlookers to find out what is going on in the office space. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

  • Cellular shades can help with comfort and climate control. In some of the high-rise Manhattan buildings, the windows can make the office feel colder during the winter months.
  • Hardwood shades are a good option when you want to keep a beautiful look without dressing down the office. They create a nice barrier for light and sound, too.

For other options, consider a few nice touches found in designs that are more modern. For example, as your client sits down for that meeting, you can easily reach over and use the motorization to close the binds or drapes. That is impressive.

Another option is to create customized solutions for the beautiful architecture of the building without hiding it. Rather than bulky shades or drapes, allow the curved building to benefit from customized designs that easily hold the shape well.

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When it comes to commercial window treatments for New York City offices, style is paramount. Work with a designer to create a beautiful experience that will capture the attention of any person who steps within the space. You may be surprised with just how much style and elegance the ring workplace window covering can really offer.

What Makes the Perfect Kitchen Window Treatments?

Let’s face it. In Brooklyn and most of New York, apartments are small. If you are lucky enough to have a window in the kitchen, the last thing you want to do is to cover up this great source of sunlight. Nevertheless, there is the risk of not having privacy. Moreover, there is the grime and cleanliness factor in the kitchen that makes it important to choose window treatments that are easy to clean and maintain. Style, that is another consideration altogether. So, what goes into selecting the perfect window treatments for your kitchen in the heart of Brooklyn?

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Big Light Small Space

If the kitchen is tiny like many of the apartments throughout the Manhattan area are, it is a good idea to allow the sunlight to pour in. Use light colors fabrics and even sheer drapery for these windows. This allows the light easily to shine through, opening up your small space to make it look larger.

Out of the Sink

For trendy and classic looks, you may want to avoid that valance look. For example, the chic apartments in the city do not need floral print, dark colored valances over the top of the window in the kitchen. It can be an eyesore even. Rather, choose shorter designs, made to fit your window. It is a good idea to select items that fit your window’s shape and size so that they do not extend too low, especially if the window is over the kitchen sink.

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The Privacy Factor

In some areas of the city, you are sure to find yourself lacking the desire to even look out of the window. At the same time, you may not want the guy across from you peering in. Using eco-friendly products, consider privacy shades. These can be just as cute and easy to use but at the same time totally blocking out of anyone’s ability to look in on you.

Kitchens often require more attention to detail. Select materials that are easy to clean, such as those that are washable. Avoid slotted shades, as they can be difficult to maintain. Keep the look trendy and stylish, not to mention modern by using color to your advantage. You can do plenty.

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