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Hem Style and Size – Does It Matter

 Hem Size Courtesy of horizonyc.comSheer Curtains with Hem –  Courtesy of


Regardless of if you are creating your own drapes or you are turning to an expert in the field, one thing is for certain. The hem is a key point of contention.

  • Should you have one?
  • How large should it be?
  • Does it matter if it is a different color or material?

The answers to these questions depend a great deal on the individual style and design of the drapery but also on the design of the room. Depending on the look you are trying to obtain, the hem can be a fantastic tool for customizing the look just the way you want it.


What’s Normal

 image courtesy of horizonyc.comStandard 4″ Hem –  Courtesy of

The normal hem length on a standard curtain is about four inches. However, some have a hem as large as 12 inches. Some have no hem at all. Of course, it is up to you to determine which size is appropriate for your specific needs. Keep in mind you can use hems as a type of design element or just a functional component of the curtains.


Why Do You Need One at All?

A hem’s purpose is quite simple. By folding up the fabric and creating that small or large section in which the fabric is doubled, you create more durability and clean up the bottom line. Since the bottom of the curtain comes close to the floor, this doubled material provides some added protection against fraying. It also creates a clean line. For example, with sheer drapes, the hem helps to hide the raw edges so they do not show up in the light.


What About the Size?


2 Inch Hem curtasey of horizonyc.com2″ Hem –  Courtesy of

What factors should you consider when it comes to the actual size? Consider the following.

  •  A small, thin hem can help to reduce the appearance of it on the curtains. For a clean line, this can be helpful.
  • If you are reusing old curtains to create something new, combining the material at the hemline can be fantastic. Instead of a small hem, choose a larger one to create more visual impact. This is a good way to extend the curtains you bought that were too short, too.

12-inch-hem-horizonyc-com12″ Hem – Courtesy of

Hems are a part of the design process of curtains and other forms of drapery. The good news is they can be a major part of the design or not any part of it at all

Colored Hem – Courtesy of the

Put Your iPad to Work Controlling Your Shades

How many remotes do you have throughout your home? How many wall switches control everything happening in your home from the home speaker system to the garage door opener? What if you could electronically open and close the window shades with ease right from you iPad or tablet computer? Yes, it’s that easy.

What’s the Platinum App?



You love your apps and now there is one to control your Hunter Douglas Powerrise 2.1 and PowerGlide 2.1 window coverings using your iPad, iPhone or your iPod Touch. Look at some of the features of this system.
• You can use them to control the natural light in the room. Just choose one of the scenes, such as Summer Afternoon. This allows the shades on the east side of your home raise and those on the west side lower.

  • Perhaps you want some privacy during the daytime. Not a problem, select the right setting on the app and the vanes of the Silhouette window shades offered by the company open wide.
  • Time the operation to just what and when you want. You can set where you want your window coverings not only at specific times during the day, but also various days of the week.
  • Allow it to control windows room-by-room if you like.
  • Control individual window coverings. You can program it to control every single shade, drapery or window panel in your home, office or apartment.

To use this Hunter Douglas app, you will need to have the right components. This includes the Platinum App Bridge, which is the brain of the system. It holds all of the programming data and it will send a signal to the appropriate window covering using the Platinum Repeaters. You’ll also need the Platinum Repeater Kit, which includes the power supply you need. You’ll need one for each room.


You’ll need to use your Apple device with an iOS 5.0+ operating system to control it. It does provide you with free updates, too.
Would you control your window shades using the Hunter Douglas Platinum App? If you want ultimate control with real time programming options, there’s nothing quite like sitting back and controlling everything with the touch of your iPad.