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13 foot electric shade installed in Newswalk Condos Brooklyn NYC

BTX powered electric shade in Newswalk Condominium

You probably remember Newswalk Condos from early re-developments of 2006 and later with connection with Ratner’s plan to knock down all the buildings around Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush. Well it is still standing even after the Barclays Center Was completed.

The windows in that building are extra wide and extra tall, plus they windowsill is waist high so any shade installed on the window is
harder to control.

As it happened we were called to install solar shades in on of the units and came across a window that was 13 foot wide.

Now 150″ wide shade doesn’t sound so big but its kind of heavy, especially when it doesn’t fit in the elevator and you have to go 7 flights of stairs carrying it on you back.
When you lift a shade like that to put it back into the bracket and it doesn’t go in on the first try you have to hold it and try until it fits. (it gets heavier and heavier)

In a nut shell that is the story of our installation in Dean Street. It started when a motor stopped working on a 9 foot shade. When I came to take a look I found a 10 year old
shades with fabric that did not look so good and a non working motor. So first we had to find out what system was installed, Elero did not mean anything to me until with a bit of search on the web we found out that it is fabricated by BTX, a well known very repayable and long time veteran in electric window treatments industry. We called them up and after a short discussion learned that it could be the motor, the switch or the wiring. To be on the safe side I ordered a motor and a switch and we scheduled to take down the shades to replace the fabric.

When we came back after about 12 days to put them up, I wanted to make sure there were no issues in the installation so showed up with our installers. Too bad for them they had to carry the shade up to the 7th floor. When they finally placed the shades on the windowsill to install them they discovered that the motor was on the wrong side. What to do? take out the fabric and flip the tube around. As you can see BTX does not take any chances with special 3″ tubes for that size shade and a grove where the motors are bolted into the tube.

After putting the shades up it was time to figure out the wiring. Black, Red, White and green. But we have 2 switches and which wire is for up and which one is for down. Well that was not so hard, we connected the wires set the limits (so the shade will stop automatically when reaching the top and bottom) and then worked on hiding the wires behind the shades.

That is it job complete. Client was happy he did not have to buy 2 new shades and continue using the existing system but they look new since we replace the fabric. SheerWeave 4400 3% White Grey was the selected fabric this time. The slightly darker color will enable to see more of the view and 3% openness will cut the heat dramatically.

Is 20 Henry is finally being converted ?

20 Henry Before the conversion

In 2008 in the middle of the Real Estate boom a developer we worked with just bought 20 Henry to redevelop it into new condos. Than came the downfall and this project was stalled until 2011. I used to pass by that building on my way to Dumbo and say “that is such a great location, I wonder when would someone jump on the opportunity”

Time passed, by and late last year we got a call from Cristina, a designer we work with to talk about apartment staging in 20 Henry. She said: (always on a rush, super speedy mode)
“can we meet later today with the developer we need to have shades done in one of the models, the meeting is this after noon…”

So we did meet and the process started, only the apartment we met at did not have floors, or ceiling or plumbing. You could see concrete everywhere. The contractor said in 30 days this would be ready and he almost did it. I think it took them about a month an a half to complete the renovation of that unit.

Arched Windows in construction

There were a few challenges for the window treatments. The unit we were staging was on the ground level and people passing by could see into the living room. The window were arched at the top, excluding many types of window treatments that cannot be installed on a curved window.

To save money, time Cristina came with an idea to install roller shades in the middle of the window. Normally we hesitate to suggest such a solution since it does look awkward but if you look at the result with the curtains it actually looks very good. In stalling the shades that way solves the problem of privacy, looks very modern and clean almost built into the window.

We ended up copying this installation to other units as the models were moved from place to place while units were sold.

20 Henry Living Room by Horizon Window Treatments

20 Henry Kid Bedroom by Horizon Window Treatments

20 Henry Bedroom shades by Horizon Window Treatments