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Alessandra Branca – Traditional Patterns with a Modern Point of View

I am always on the lookout for new fabrics, and came across new designs from Schumacher. What caught my eye was the use of colors to revive an old fashioned damask style and make it more modern and fresh.

There are many pattern to choose from while it can be used for upholstery as well as window treatments.

Patterns 175460-68311-68330

Patterns 175501-68312-175482-175460

Patterns 68433-68314-68454-175502

The whole collection can be found here

Round French Pole from Helser Brothers

Round ended poles add a unique European look to the room. In some cases such as curved windows, bay windows or windows with large molding around it a French Pole is maybe the only option to install a curtain on that window.

They new French Poles come in 5/8″ and 7/8″ pole diameters and in
Coal, Forge, Canyon, Rustic and Manchester Finishes.

For more information visit

Put Your iPad to Work Controlling Your Shades

How many remotes do you have throughout your home? How many wall switches control everything happening in your home from the home speaker system to the garage door opener? What if you could electronically open and close the window shades with ease right from you iPad or tablet computer? Yes, it’s that easy.

What’s the Platinum App?



You love your apps and now there is one to control your Hunter Douglas Powerrise 2.1 and PowerGlide 2.1 window coverings using your iPad, iPhone or your iPod Touch. Look at some of the features of this system.
• You can use them to control the natural light in the room. Just choose one of the scenes, such as Summer Afternoon. This allows the shades on the east side of your home raise and those on the west side lower.

  • Perhaps you want some privacy during the daytime. Not a problem, select the right setting on the app and the vanes of the Silhouette window shades offered by the company open wide.
  • Time the operation to just what and when you want. You can set where you want your window coverings not only at specific times during the day, but also various days of the week.
  • Allow it to control windows room-by-room if you like.
  • Control individual window coverings. You can program it to control every single shade, drapery or window panel in your home, office or apartment.

To use this Hunter Douglas app, you will need to have the right components. This includes the Platinum App Bridge, which is the brain of the system. It holds all of the programming data and it will send a signal to the appropriate window covering using the Platinum Repeaters. You’ll also need the Platinum Repeater Kit, which includes the power supply you need. You’ll need one for each room.


You’ll need to use your Apple device with an iOS 5.0+ operating system to control it. It does provide you with free updates, too.
Would you control your window shades using the Hunter Douglas Platinum App? If you want ultimate control with real time programming options, there’s nothing quite like sitting back and controlling everything with the touch of your iPad.

Somfy Introduces 400 Series Motors Sonesse 40 and Altus 40

Conveniently Quiet – Sonesse 40 (RTS & Wired) ® The Sonesse 40 Range with patent pending technology features a newly designed brake, rotor and gearbox to further reduce motor operating sound. Available in both RTS and wired versions, the Sonesse 40 can be used in a variety of interior window covering applications.   Power, Simplicity, and Convenience – Altus 40 (RTS) ® The Altus 40 RTS features an integrated radio receiver within the motor which eliminates any wiring between the motor and controls. Available in two torques 4Nm and 9Nm, the Altus 40 RTS is ideal for exterior product applications. 400 Series motors help Somfy compete with other brands quiet motors. Another feature of the 400 series is its size. It would fit an 1 1/2″ tube allowing the shade to be fit in smaller window ceil and tighter pockets. And with only 20″ in length it is ideal for corner windows.

Somfy’s new Home Automation System – TaHomA™

Somfy innovates with TaHomA™, a Total Home Automation system that offers users control of their Somfy motorized products, lights and thermostats. Using Z-Wave®, an interoperable 2-way RF mesh networking technology, TaHomA enables users to control, schedule and monitor a variety of products and efficiently manages natural and artificial light, heating, and cooling according to users’ personal preferences, which saves time, energy and money.

TaHomA also features remote access, giving users complete control of their home even when they’re away. Any computer with an internet connection, iPhone, iPad, or Adobe® Flash® player supported tablet can be used to control TaHomA from just about anywhere.

For more information Visit to experience TaHomA for yourself.

Winter Fashion Week in New York – Update Your Home, Too

New York Fashion Week  source:


Winter Fashion Week in New York is fast approaching. The thrill and the glamor of the day is sure to impress even those with just a passing sense of style. You may not be making the trip to NYC for the events, but that does not mean you cannot bring the style into your home.

What Is Fashion Week?

New York Fashion Week happens twice a year, usually in February and September. It is one of the four largest fashion weeks throughout the world. This week of runway thrilling style began in 1943. At that time, the founders of the event wanted to draw attention away from French fashion, which was very popular during World War II. People during this time were unable to travel to Paris to see the finest of the seas don, and this event in New York City was far more accessible.

Fabrics top to bottom: Liquid Gold in Platinum (9926.16),
Luminous Grid in Silver (8503.11), Sheers To You in Ecru (9898.16)

By Kravet (see full article here)

This Year’s Trend

This year’s trends will be all about bright and bold colors. Some designers are making home, family and friends their theme and inspiration. Collections are featuring styles that are more down to earth. In addition, trend setting this year will be organics. Organic materials with earthy tones will also be very important to the fashion world.

New collections from Duralee source:

How Can You Bring This Home with You?

Besides heading to your favorite designers to buy their line of clothing, there are other ways you can use the inspiration from New York Fashion Week to inspire your home’s colors and textures. Here are some tips to do just that.

  • Update the fabrics in the main spaces of your home. Use beautiful organic linens for tablecloths on your tables or re-upholster chair covers with vibrant pops of color.
  •  For shades or coverings for the large windows on the doors in your home, consider the green fabrics from Kravet. This line of fabrics keeps with the “go green” concept that’s popular with some clothing designers.
  •  Update the look of your curtains with more homey fabrics, such as those found at Simple and yet bright colors can stand out.

Take a note from Winter Fashion Week in New York. Update the fabrics throughout your home to offer more of today’s styles – family friendly, bright colors or organic materials are the way to go.

Project Spotlight: Tempo, 300 East 23rd Street

It’s been a busy week for Horizon! Some of the condominiums at Tempo on 300 East 23rd Street are receiving gorgeous new treatments for their floor-to-ceiling windows.


Tempo Condos


The staff is installing Hunter Douglas silhouette shades, electric solar shades, and blackout shades and curtains into some of the rooms. The glass-walled exterior at Tempo provides a stunning view of Gramercy, but with shades that diffuse light or darken the room, the condos’ black oak wood floors will be retained.  Now, the homeowners can choose how much light they want in their sun-drenched rooms.  Opening and closing treatments is convenient and impressive with electric shades, which makes it easy to simply enjoy the luxury of large windows.

Hurricane-Proof Homes

To commemorate the pending natural disasters this week (First an earthquake, now a hurricane?! What’s next, east coast?!), here are a couple delicately- constructed homes designed to withstand mother nature’s fiercest battles:

Source: buildingstudio
Source: Make it Right N.O.L.A.
Source: Dome of a Home

Although it’s unclear at this point how hard New York will be hit, it’s better to be overprepared than under, so be sure to stock up on vitals like water, candles and batteries. (Remember, most of us have at some point and time spent plenty of hours unplugged. Imagine how the younger generations will survive if we lose power!)

If  Hurricane Irene does become serious enough of a threat, protecting your windows and glass exterior is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your house will still be livable if we experience the worst. Once a window is broken, the wind blows rain and broken glass inside, completely wrecking the interior.

Although this is only upon expecting the absolute worse, it’s still valuable information to know just in case. When protecting your windows, don’t waste time with tape. It might keep glass from going everywhere if a large object flies through your window, but using storm shutters or plywood is worth much more in the end.


Hopefully, this will all be just F.Y.I., but keep track of the storm here, just in case! Stay dry, everyone!

The Future for Somfy

Professionals can expect big changes from Somfy this September. The leading home automation company is creating a useful reference website, SomfyPro, which will be filled with tools and applications for successful installation. The new site will replace the current Professionals tab on Somfy’s regular website.

Here's a screenshot of the current site for Professionals

What kind of things can you anticipate from SomfyPro? The latest news on products, and special events such as in-person training sessions or online webinars. There will also be a section dedicated to tech support: user-friendly instructions, how-to videos, FAQ’s and easy-to-read spec sheets.


A preview of the upcoming SomfyPro website

To add to your business, SomfyPro will also provide Marketing tools. Learn how they can help the value of your business grow.