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New Kid-Safe Products from RollEase

Horizon Window Treatments, RollEase, Hardware, Kid Safety, Roller Shades, Ball Chain,

RollEase, our trusted hardware provider at Horizon, has a new product that’s compliant with the recommended WCMA safety standards.

RollEase, Window Treatments, Hardware, Kid Safety, Roller Shades, Anchor, Ball Chain


SafetyHold2 consists of two clear anchors at the top and bottom of the window that stablizes the bead chain when mounted to the wall. Children and pets are kept safer at home without the hazardous dangling cords.


It’s All About the Little Things with Window Treatments

Buying window treatments for your home is something you need to do to block out the sun or provide privacy. However, your window treatments are still very effective tools for style and design. When it comes to window treatments, the only way to complete the look is by taking the time to focus on the little things. Picking a fabric to cover your windows isn’t everything. From the curtain rod to the tassel, there are plenty of little things to take into consideration. Have you considered finials, trims, drape hem size or  tie backs yet?

The following are some ways that you can complete the look for your window treatments, based on just a few of the options available to you.

  • Rods and Hardware: One of the best ways to update or transform the look is with the use of rods and hardware. Decorative items and metal finishes can transform the look. For a modern choose, choose wood with a decorative end post. For traditional, you should look at wood options.
  • Tie Backs: Tie backs allow you to change the shape of the fabric. This can open up the window, but that is not all it does. It can add a bit of flare to the look when you add tussles to it. This is a very traditional drapery look.
  • Finials: Finials are the decorative adornments placed at the end of curtain rods. You will find these in a wide range of styles including glass (for a very luxurious look), metal (for a modern look) or even wood (traditional look.)
  • Trims and Borders: To add something more to the window, choose trims and borders. This makes the window a statement piece in the room.
  • Drape Hem Size: The hem size is important too. You could choose a big hem size or a European style. You could go with no hem too.

Consider all of your options before investing in just one. These little  items can help complete the look you really want.

Choosing A Track For Curtains

electrical curtain track, pinch pleat drapery, layered solar screen shade combination
BTX Sophia Curtain Track | The Harrison 205 West 76th Street

A track for your curtains is one of the most important pieces of hardware for them. With a track in place, you can easily open and close the windows properly. However, if you purchased the wrong track, moving the window treatments will be difficult and it may even limit how you can effectively use them. For this reason, consider the factors that play a role in the selection of the right track for your curtains.

How many times will you open and close the curtains? You do not need a specific number here, but if the windows are in a room where you are likely to open and close them a lot, then it makes sense to invest in a quality track that can withstand the constant movement. Quality matters here.

What about the fabric itself, the heavier the weight of the fabric the more durable and stronger the track needs to be. Most tracks can handle the weight of linen, but if you plan to use heavy drapery on these tracks, consider a thicker track or one designed to accommodate more weight.

Next, consider the benefits of motorizing. If you plan to motorize the track, you do want to take into consideration your options in terms of tracks available. It is often recommended that you consider motorized tracks for those hard to reach windows or even when you want an automated feature in your home.

Also, take into consideration the heading. Will you use a pinch pleat or a ripple fold for the heading? This could be just a difference in taste, but you also need to consider the visibility of the track. With the ripple fold, you will see the track whereas with the pinch pleat fold, you will not.

Look at several of the track options available to you on the market. Consider their effectiveness in your space. Take the time to focus in on the options you have based on what you would like to see in the room and the overall function you need.