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Round French Pole from Helser Brothers

Round ended poles add a unique European look to the room. In some cases such as curved windows, bay windows or windows with large molding around it a French Pole is maybe the only option to install a curtain on that window.

They new French Poles come in 5/8″ and 7/8″ pole diameters and in
Coal, Forge, Canyon, Rustic and Manchester Finishes.

For more information visit helserbrother.com

It’s All About the Little Things with Window Treatments

Buying window treatments for your home is something you need to do to block out the sun or provide privacy. However, your window treatments are still very effective tools for style and design. When it comes to window treatments, the only way to complete the look is by taking the time to focus on the little things. Picking a fabric to cover your windows isn’t everything. From the curtain rod to the tassel, there are plenty of little things to take into consideration. Have you considered finials, trims, drape hem size or  tie backs yet?

The following are some ways that you can complete the look for your window treatments, based on just a few of the options available to you.

  • Rods and Hardware: One of the best ways to update or transform the look is with the use of rods and hardware. Decorative items and metal finishes can transform the look. For a modern choose, choose wood with a decorative end post. For traditional, you should look at wood options.
  • Tie Backs: Tie backs allow you to change the shape of the fabric. This can open up the window, but that is not all it does. It can add a bit of flare to the look when you add tussles to it. This is a very traditional drapery look.
  • Finials: Finials are the decorative adornments placed at the end of curtain rods. You will find these in a wide range of styles including glass (for a very luxurious look), metal (for a modern look) or even wood (traditional look.)
  • Trims and Borders: To add something more to the window, choose trims and borders. This makes the window a statement piece in the room.
  • Drape Hem Size: The hem size is important too. You could choose a big hem size or a European style. You could go with no hem too.

Consider all of your options before investing in just one. These little  items can help complete the look you really want.