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Hem Style and Size – Does It Matter

 Hem Size Courtesy of horizonyc.comSheer Curtains with Hem –  Courtesy of horizonyc.com


Regardless of if you are creating your own drapes or you are turning to an expert in the field, one thing is for certain. The hem is a key point of contention.

  • Should you have one?
  • How large should it be?
  • Does it matter if it is a different color or material?

The answers to these questions depend a great deal on the individual style and design of the drapery but also on the design of the room. Depending on the look you are trying to obtain, the hem can be a fantastic tool for customizing the look just the way you want it.


What’s Normal

 image courtesy of horizonyc.comStandard 4″ Hem –  Courtesy of horizonyc.com

The normal hem length on a standard curtain is about four inches. However, some have a hem as large as 12 inches. Some have no hem at all. Of course, it is up to you to determine which size is appropriate for your specific needs. Keep in mind you can use hems as a type of design element or just a functional component of the curtains.


Why Do You Need One at All?

A hem’s purpose is quite simple. By folding up the fabric and creating that small or large section in which the fabric is doubled, you create more durability and clean up the bottom line. Since the bottom of the curtain comes close to the floor, this doubled material provides some added protection against fraying. It also creates a clean line. For example, with sheer drapes, the hem helps to hide the raw edges so they do not show up in the light.


What About the Size?


2 Inch Hem curtasey of horizonyc.com2″ Hem –  Courtesy of horizonyc.com

What factors should you consider when it comes to the actual size? Consider the following.

  •  A small, thin hem can help to reduce the appearance of it on the curtains. For a clean line, this can be helpful.
  • If you are reusing old curtains to create something new, combining the material at the hemline can be fantastic. Instead of a small hem, choose a larger one to create more visual impact. This is a good way to extend the curtains you bought that were too short, too.

12-inch-hem-horizonyc-com12″ Hem – Courtesy of horizonyc.com

Hems are a part of the design process of curtains and other forms of drapery. The good news is they can be a major part of the design or not any part of it at all

Colored Hem – Courtesy of the sweatshopoflove.com

Valentine’s Day and Window Treatments – Tips for Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Valentines Day 14th February

With Valentine’s Day on its way, you may be looking for a few fun ways to add a bit of romance and elegance to your bedroom. Many people are not planning to spend a lot of money going out for this day but that does not mean you cannot make it a special evening. Why not consider doing a few special things in the bedroom.

Make The Night Memorable

You may be thinking about a new set of sheets and adding a few candles to the room. This is just the start. You need to look at paint, ambiance and overall feel for the whole evening.

  • Start with a pair of wispy sheer curtains. With a soft color, they will flutter in the breeze, creating a beautiful environment perfect for quiet attention. Do a fabric search at Duralee.com to find the perfect choice for your room. You can also do this at LeeJofa.com.You can add electric blinds to the mix.  Check out the electric blinds at Somfy Systems.

  • You should look at how you have the room laid out as well. Consider rearranging the room so that it feels more inviting and warm. Look at where you have lamps and candles placed to create a better feeling of love.
  • Look at the overall color scheme. Use warmer colors and smoother tones. Do not try to put too much into the room, but keep it simple and smooth along the edges. This will create a better flow and a more calming demeanor. Light, soft colors like pastels and pinks.

  • Look at the type of music you will have playing in the bedroom as well as the lighting that will be cast to set the mood. Whether it is natural light through the windows or if you will be using candles, consider the type of feeling it will create.
  • If you are planning to watch a romantic film wile in your room, make sure you can watch it from your bed and that the position of the TV does not interfere with the rest of the room. This will help to enhance the mood.

Once you have tied all of the aspects of the room together and you look at getting there following dinner you will have a better understanding of how it will all work and you can tie it all together.

Bold and Bright and Brave

What is it about decorating with color that sends home owners into a panic? Bold color decisions can be difficult, but remember, it’s not permanent! Using color at home can be intimidating but there are a few things to consider when using color in interior decorating projects. We asked a couple professionals in architecture, construction and design their opinion on color, and why it can be so scary to some.


Source: Vandamn Interiors

Some believe the intimidation behind color is for personal reasons. Jeffrey Driver, who is a designer and marketer from the UK, says that bold colors can be too dominating if not used correctly. Some may fear being stuck with a bright color they’re unhappy with, or having to repaint. Most are too busy to have to repaint and hiring a professional once is costly enough.

In addition to cost, Driver brings up another great point about seasonal effects on decorating.

“When do people usually redecorate? In my experience it seems to be spring or summer,” Driver explains. “I can imagine that the time of year plays a huge part in this. Depending where you live, at that time of year you want cool, fresh colors. You’re not thinking about warm colors for the winter months.”

Bright colors in the home can be overwhelming when you want to relax. Tom Kearney, President of Chicago-based residential construction company Building Dreams, believes it is not only the physical process of painting, but also selecting color that can be equally intimidating.

Solar shades and striped curtain panels


Kearney says a good compromise could be to paint just one wall of a room an accent color. This way it is a small commitment but also a small job. All the furniture doesn’t have to be moved out.

“Mistakes or misuse of colors are easily adjusted on this smaller scale,” Kearney says. “Most people will be so ‘wowed’ at their results, that they’ll continue with other colors in other rooms.”

Another great option is taking advantage of less permanent decorative accents in your home. Using bold curtains or roller shades with a pattern can feel a lot less of a commitment than paint. You could also switch up throw pillows or accessories for a splash of color.


Custom silk curtains in peach color

Pablo Maida, AIA is an architect in Los Angeles but he also does interiors on all of his projects. Maida believes that while color is one of the most difficult things to do well, trying to pick a nice white is equally challenging.

“There are hundreds of them,” Maida says.

Maida says strong color can really make a space sing, if done well.

“Every time I have suggested a bold move, either a color or a vibrant wall covering or both, it has been a challenge getting the client to trust me,” explains Maida. “In the end they usually are blown away, as are all their guests.”

Do you use color in your home?

Hurricane-Proof Homes

To commemorate the pending natural disasters this week (First an earthquake, now a hurricane?! What’s next, east coast?!), here are a couple delicately- constructed homes designed to withstand mother nature’s fiercest battles:

Source: buildingstudio
Source: Make it Right N.O.L.A.
Source: Dome of a Home

Although it’s unclear at this point how hard New York will be hit, it’s better to be overprepared than under, so be sure to stock up on vitals like water, candles and batteries. (Remember, most of us have at some point and time spent plenty of hours unplugged. Imagine how the younger generations will survive if we lose power!)

If  Hurricane Irene does become serious enough of a threat, protecting your windows and glass exterior is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your house will still be livable if we experience the worst. Once a window is broken, the wind blows rain and broken glass inside, completely wrecking the interior.

Although this is only upon expecting the absolute worse, it’s still valuable information to know just in case. When protecting your windows, don’t waste time with tape. It might keep glass from going everywhere if a large object flies through your window, but using storm shutters or plywood is worth much more in the end.


Hopefully, this will all be just F.Y.I., but keep track of the storm here, just in case! Stay dry, everyone!

The Future for Somfy

Professionals can expect big changes from Somfy this September. The leading home automation company is creating a useful reference website, SomfyPro, which will be filled with tools and applications for successful installation. The new site will replace the current Professionals tab on Somfy’s regular website.

Here's a screenshot of the current site for Professionals

What kind of things can you anticipate from SomfyPro? The latest news on products, and special events such as in-person training sessions or online webinars. There will also be a section dedicated to tech support: user-friendly instructions, how-to videos, FAQ’s and easy-to-read spec sheets.


A preview of the upcoming SomfyPro website

To add to your business, SomfyPro will also provide Marketing tools. Learn how they can help the value of your business grow.

Bathroom Break

It is your sanctuary- for such a small (or not-so-small) space, the bathroom is one of the most private places in the home, and the most utilized.  Spa-like, and also known as the “rest room”, it should be open, clean, and welcoming. Common looks for the bathroom are contemporary, natural, luxurious and traditional.

Custom sheer roman shade in bathroom

Smaller spaces can be overlooked, so it’s easy to forget about little details like window treatments in the bathroom. That is, until you realize your neighbors can see everything. It’s no secret that the primary purpose of window treatments is for privacy. But here are some inspiring bathrooms that are stylish too:

Relaxed roman shade in bathroom


Solar shades in bath



draperies, bathrooms, window treatments
Source: Architectural Digest


blinds, shades, bathrooms, window treatments
Source: Apartment Therapy


Do you have a bathroom you’re just dying to show off? Send it to us here!

Back-bending Arches!

Arches, Interior Design, Inspiration
Source: The Snail and the Cyclops


Arches, Interior Design, Lighting
Source: weddingplans

I was inspired by these two photos, and how arches in the home can simultaneously add drama and soften a room. They also create a gorgeous focal point.

Arched Windows, Arch, Curtains, Interior Design
Source: Exciting Windows


The arch has been found in many different cultures, dating as early as Mesopotamia. The Egyptians used it in tombs and vaults and the Greeks used in for practical construction purposes

These uniquely shaped windows decorate your home, but they can be difficult to dress. Shades, shutters, curtains or blinds can enhance the shape, depending on your personal style.

Here are some inspiring solutions to your arches:

Arches, Window Treatment, Foyer
Source: Allshutter


Source: Summerour Architects


Arch, Curtains, Draperies, Interior Design, Windows
Source: House Beautiful


Arch, Valances, Windows, Interior Design
Source: Better Homes and Gardens



Advantages of Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments cost more money. There is no doubt about that. However, there are numerous reasons why this is a better investment in the long term (and a better stylistic choice, too). Perhaps it might seem easier to purchase readymade window treatments, but doing so may end up causing you to be dissatisfied or you may need to replace them sooner.

Custom espresso color wood blinds

Why should you buy custom window treatments? Consider these reasons:

  • You get accurate measurements. When it fits right, it looks great.
  • You do not have to handle the installation. If your walls have numerous holes already, have the window treatments installed professionally.
  • See samples in person. This way, you can look and feel them so that you know just what you are getting.
  • Uniquely shaped windows, including those extra large or rounded windows are easily fitted for you.
  • You may need an expert to give you some direction on your options. You may want the most energy efficient product around. On the other hand, you may be looking for something very special.

For design ideas or for expert advice, custom window treatments are the better option. You are less likely to have to replace your window treatments when you love the custom fit you get