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Alessandra Branca – Traditional Patterns with a Modern Point of View

I am always on the lookout for new fabrics, and came across new designs from Schumacher. What caught my eye was the use of colors to revive an old fashioned damask style and make it more modern and fresh.

There are many pattern to choose from while it can be used for upholstery as well as window treatments.

Patterns 175460-68311-68330

Patterns 175501-68312-175482-175460

Patterns 68433-68314-68454-175502

The whole collection can be found here

Lulu DK for Kids

looking for fabrics for a baby room or a young kid you might think that it has to have patterns of Monkeys or Turtles. But actually
toys and stuffed animals in the room can help add to the theme while curtains or shades can use fabrics with a more subtle patterns although bright colors are a must in my opinion.

Lollipop 66240  Punch / Turquoise Curtains with
Twix Tape Pink Lemonade / Punch Trim
(Available from fschumacher.com)

Take a look at what Lulu deKwiatkowski founder of LULU DK came up with when asked to create a line of kids fabrics for Schumacher

See all LULU DK child collection on fschumacher.com