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Somfy Introduces 400 Series Motors Sonesse 40 and Altus 40

Conveniently Quiet – Sonesse 40 (RTS & Wired) ® The Sonesse 40 Range with patent pending technology features a newly designed brake, rotor and gearbox to further reduce motor operating sound. Available in both RTS and wired versions, the Sonesse 40 can be used in a variety of interior window covering applications.   Power, Simplicity, and Convenience – Altus 40 (RTS) ® The Altus 40 RTS features an integrated radio receiver within the motor which eliminates any wiring between the motor and controls. Available in two torques 4Nm and 9Nm, the Altus 40 RTS is ideal for exterior product applications. 400 Series motors help Somfy compete with other brands quiet motors. Another feature of the 400 series is its size. It would fit an 1 1/2″ tube allowing the shade to be fit in smaller window ceil and tighter pockets. And with only 20″ in length it is ideal for corner windows.

Somfy’s new Home Automation System – TaHomA™

Somfy innovates with TaHomA™, a Total Home Automation system that offers users control of their Somfy motorized products, lights and thermostats. Using Z-Wave®, an interoperable 2-way RF mesh networking technology, TaHomA enables users to control, schedule and monitor a variety of products and efficiently manages natural and artificial light, heating, and cooling according to users’ personal preferences, which saves time, energy and money.

TaHomA also features remote access, giving users complete control of their home even when they’re away. Any computer with an internet connection, iPhone, iPad, or Adobe® Flash® player supported tablet can be used to control TaHomA from just about anywhere.

For more information Visit http://www.SomfyTaHomA.com to experience TaHomA for yourself.

Home Automation Brands: What’s the Difference?

There are so many motorized shade manufacturers available today. It’s great to have so many options, but it can be confusing to know which is right for you or your project.


Lutron, Somfy, BTX and Hunter Douglas- these are four of the top manufaturers in home automation. Some of these companies also specialize in industries outside of window treatments, so it’s important to consider what you want out of home automation before making the investment.


Here are the essential differences between each company:


Lutron – Lutron has long been a leader in the light dimming industry commonly found in homes and commercial buildings. They are also an industry leader in quiet motor technology used to operate electric shades and blinds. Lutron manufactures motorized shades and controls, but does not sell its motors separately. With Lutron, you pay for what you get. The ultra quiet shade and motor combination comes with a more expensive pricetag.

BTX – BTX is another leading provider of both shade systems and motorized drapery tracks. They also have the ability to highly customize projects for specific applications. The electrical components are basic and are easy to integrate with A/V systems such as touch panel displays and projector screens. Their motors are manufactured in Europe and have a reputation for reliability and easy installation, however the motors are not as quiet as Lutron’s.


Somfy – Somfy is the leader in component suppliers to all the automation companies, including those mentioned above. Their technology is cutting edge and has been used in residential and commercial projects for many years. Somfy manufactures only motors and controls, but does not sell shades of any kind. Somfy systems involve purchasing different parts from different sources which allows any type or style of window shade from any fabricator to be motorized. This offers more flexibility but also opens system appearance and matching to more variance. To avoid an unfinished appearance, the dealer must ensure that the best quality, matching components (brackets, fascia, enclosures, screws etc) are used.


Hunter Douglas – Known for their dominance in the window covering industry, Hunter Douglas also manufactures blinds and shades with motors installed. They carry products for both residential and commercial projects. However, because they can only motorize 1 to 4 in a room at a time, Hunter Douglas is better for residential product.  This company has excellent warranties and stands behind them.


If you are thinking about getting home automation installed in your home, and you’re still not sure which of these companies is right for you. Consider speaking with a professional. Electric shades are not typically an easy DIY project because it requires custom fitting and sometimes hard-wiring. Consulting an expert provides a seamless finish in home automation.

The Future for Somfy

Professionals can expect big changes from Somfy this September. The leading home automation company is creating a useful reference website, SomfyPro, which will be filled with tools and applications for successful installation. The new site will replace the current Professionals tab on Somfy’s regular website.

Here's a screenshot of the current site for Professionals

What kind of things can you anticipate from SomfyPro? The latest news on products, and special events such as in-person training sessions or online webinars. There will also be a section dedicated to tech support: user-friendly instructions, how-to videos, FAQ’s and easy-to-read spec sheets.


A preview of the upcoming SomfyPro website

To add to your business, SomfyPro will also provide Marketing tools. Learn how they can help the value of your business grow.

New Products on the Horizon from Somfy

We’ve rounded up a few products recently announced by Somfy Systems as additions to their product line for automated window treatments.

The Sonesse® 40:

Somfy will soon have a new addition to the Sonesse® family of motors- Sonesse® 40.  The Sonesse® 40 is a quiet (less than 50DB), robust solution for any indoor compact application such as roller shades, roman shades, wood blinds and projection screens. The new motor has Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) built in, is 120V AC and has electronic and progressive adjustment limits.  Its torque ranges are 4Nm/36rpm, 6Nm/24rpm and 9Nm/16 rpm.

The Altus 40 Motor:

Motor with integrated radio control. A multi-purpose unit to motorise a host of smaller products (roller shutters, awnings, vertical blinds, etc.). Can be pre-programmed with “my” favourite position.

Heater with RTS Receiver:

Somfy is developing an upgrade to the Heater with RTS Receiver. The new dimming feature will allow consumers to control the intensity of the heat that is emanated. Users will be able to choose from three different heat settings and program a “favorite” heat setting. The New RTS Heater is expected to become available during the f irst quarter of 2011.

We’ll continue to cover and update about new and upcoming products and features from the window treatment world