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Home Furnishing Fabric Trends

New York Fashion Week is coming up, which means a lot of blogs are buzzing about the textiles that will be trending this fall. But what about fabrics inside the home? There are trends in the interior design industry just as their are in regular fashion design. In fact, a lot of trends are transferring over between apparel and interior design. That’s right, the tweed coat you love so much has inspired designers for upholstery and draperies.This season is all about blending fibers, eco-friendly textiles, and bright pops of color.

Fiber blends are a current trend in contemporary home furnishing. Textile fibers are blended to create fabric with improved properties, feel and texture. Higher grades of fibers and yarns are being used, allowing more withstanding durability. This has turned outside spaces into an extension of the living area, bringing more indoor trends to the outdoors.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics, Interior Design Trends
Source: Design Sherpa

As they have for some time now, green textiles are still prevalent and impertinent. Renewable fabrics have become very important, and as a result, wool, linen, and silk materials have become more popular.

Leather wrapped table, interior design trends 2011
Source: Contract Leathers

Finishes that are eco-friendly, organic and non-toxic are often used. This year, leather is also making a huge presence in home decor.

Source: The Coaster Furniture
Tweed, Interior Design Trends 2011, Bedcover

Textures used in apparel are crossing over into interior design, such as nubs, slubs, bouclés/chenille, heavy tweed, and textured linen. The use of a variety of weaves and blends create fabric richness, and intricate jacquard patterns are also increasing in popularity .

Jacquard Weave Curtains, Interior Design Trends 2011
Source: Decorpad

New developments in yarns and finishes are creating fabrics with a super soft texture and hand. The use of rich metallic yarns and metallic highlights are being used to create surface interest, with hues of silver, gold, bronze, and copper.  Some of the important patterns include herringbone, hounds-tooth checks, and paisleys.

HGTV, Bright Color Accents, Interior Design Trends 2011
Source: HGTV

Color trends from apparel are also being transferred to interior design.  Bright Colors are becoming more popular thanks to home improvement shows on TV, where these colors show up better than subtle tones under the bright studio lights.  Inspiration for colors is also coming from the outdoors, with the use of citrus, neutrals, and autumn tones.  Color inspiration is becoming more trans-seasonal.