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Patriotic Themed Decor for Labor Day?

If you are hosting an event this Labor Day, it’s time to pull out the stars and stripes and get to planning a fantastic event. The décor itself needs to sing the tune of the celebration. Labor Day is a day meant to thank those who work hard the rest of the year. This year, make it special by actually decorating the space in a patriotic, fun-loving theme.

Outdoor Options

Sometimes, the outdoors is where the party is happening because of the common BBQ theme. However, you can make this special with a few decorative pieces.

  • Select a fabric in the red, white, and blue tone for your tablecloths.
  • Invest in a flag-themed drape hanging from the doorway that people will enter and exit. This will keep the insects out while offering a stylish piece of décor.
  • Layer the colors instead of just focusing on items that are striped. For example, your plates may be white while your tablecloth is blue and the napkins red.


duralee-21014-442Duralee pattern 21014-442


duralee-42330-73Duralee pattern 42330-73


What About Indoors?

For the indoor celebration, take down those curtains and put up something that is more patriotic themed, perhaps some soft pastel colors of blue and red. Let a white sheer drape hang in the center. Be sure to have plenty of small things that make a big difference:



  • Sand pails in red filled with some sand and a blue candle can make a nice centerpiece.
  • Add a few flowers in the right colors to each table setting.
  • Set up the space with a white theme then add pops of blue and red in the décor.


It is easy to get patriotic and fun with this theme. To make it count, though, you will need to think about the total layout and design. Do not just focus on the area where you will be eating. Rather, add a new shower curtain in an appropriate themed design or throw a blanket or a piece of cloth with the color scheme onto the couch for flare and even more style.

Have fun with this theme. Labor Day is a time to celebrate a day off work. Put a bit of time into this design and it will pay off.

Valentine’s Day and Window Treatments – Tips for Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Valentines Day 14th February

With Valentine’s Day on its way, you may be looking for a few fun ways to add a bit of romance and elegance to your bedroom. Many people are not planning to spend a lot of money going out for this day but that does not mean you cannot make it a special evening. Why not consider doing a few special things in the bedroom.

Make The Night Memorable

You may be thinking about a new set of sheets and adding a few candles to the room. This is just the start. You need to look at paint, ambiance and overall feel for the whole evening.

  • Start with a pair of wispy sheer curtains. With a soft color, they will flutter in the breeze, creating a beautiful environment perfect for quiet attention. Do a fabric search at Duralee.com to find the perfect choice for your room. You can also do this at LeeJofa.com.You can add electric blinds to the mix.  Check out the electric blinds at Somfy Systems.

  • You should look at how you have the room laid out as well. Consider rearranging the room so that it feels more inviting and warm. Look at where you have lamps and candles placed to create a better feeling of love.
  • Look at the overall color scheme. Use warmer colors and smoother tones. Do not try to put too much into the room, but keep it simple and smooth along the edges. This will create a better flow and a more calming demeanor. Light, soft colors like pastels and pinks.

  • Look at the type of music you will have playing in the bedroom as well as the lighting that will be cast to set the mood. Whether it is natural light through the windows or if you will be using candles, consider the type of feeling it will create.
  • If you are planning to watch a romantic film wile in your room, make sure you can watch it from your bed and that the position of the TV does not interfere with the rest of the room. This will help to enhance the mood.

Once you have tied all of the aspects of the room together and you look at getting there following dinner you will have a better understanding of how it will all work and you can tie it all together.

Super Bowl and Windows – How to Enhance Your Game Time Experience

Source: superbowlpark.com

As you prepare for the Super Bowl, you may be thinking about things like the game day food and if your television is big enough. This is just the beginning. Many other things need to looked at as well in order to have the best party. You need to make sure that you have everything in order and that there will be no need to leave or  really move all that much in order to truly enjoy the game and to make sure you are having a great time while you are doing it.


What To Have Ready

You are going to first need to make sure that you have all of the right foods for the party and that you are able to keep everyone happy by having the right amounts. You need to look at and make sure that the fridge is stocked with the right refreshments. In other words, have plenty of beer and cold drinks to keep you and your guests happy. You will need to make sure that you have plenty of things to eat and drink with as well. The last thing you will want to happen is that the TV is not working and that people will not be able to hear what is going on. You will also need to look at the lighting for the room as well and what better way to control this that with having the proper shades for your windows. For example, for your home theater room, check out Somfy Shades.

Consider different options with the lighting. One of the best things is with your shades you can make adjusting them wireless which will make it easier for you to simply keep watching the game and to be able to adjust the light level. With Lutron’s products, you can control the light streaming in the windows with a simple use of a variety of remote control keypads.

Motorized Solar Shades

Super Bowl Game Day Tips

Now that you have everything ready and you have everything in place for the big game, double-check it all again. Make sure you have enough of everything. Have everything ready for game time so you do not miss a play or a commercial. It is all about being able to have the best experience and to be able to remember how much fun you had because everything was ready.


Project Spotlight: Tempo, 300 East 23rd Street

It’s been a busy week for Horizon! Some of the condominiums at Tempo on 300 East 23rd Street are receiving gorgeous new treatments for their floor-to-ceiling windows.


Tempo Condos


The staff is installing Hunter Douglas silhouette shades, electric solar shades, and blackout shades and curtains into some of the rooms. The glass-walled exterior at Tempo provides a stunning view of Gramercy, but with shades that diffuse light or darken the room, the condos’ black oak wood floors will be retained.  Now, the homeowners can choose how much light they want in their sun-drenched rooms.  Opening and closing treatments is convenient and impressive with electric shades, which makes it easy to simply enjoy the luxury of large windows.

Go West

I’ve noticed a growing trend with the Western theme in interior design lately, but this isn’t your grandmother’s rustic country house.

The key is to incorporate it with contemporary themes for an eclectic mixture of interior design ideas. In typical Western-themed homes, it is not uncommon for items to seem a bit out of place. Things such as old shutters are hung like artwork, or a cowhide rug is paired with modern draperies. Western-themed rooms normally are filled with an abundance of vibrant colors and patterns on furniture, rugs and other accessories. It’s about balancing imperfection.

Here are some inspiring rooms that have combined western and modern themes:

1. Wood panel attic bedroom with orange rug and chandelier (Trublisschic)

2. Cabin bedroom with antler wall collage and industrial chair
(The Handmade Home)

3. Rustic log table with sheers and orange patterned rug (Apartment Therapy)

4. Cowhide rug with traditional furniture and patterned draperies and wallpaper (Decor Pad)

5. Gold and sepia glass cabinets and leather furniture (Interior Design)

6. Distressed country cabinet (Country Living)

7. Plaid chairs and vintage lamps with a modern kitchen (Darsheel)

8. Buckets turned into pots for plants and a rustic door used as art for the wall (Cootattooo)

9. Four-post bed and country cabinet with cowhide bench

10. Vibrant patterned couch (Interior Ideaz)